HMRC Blunders

September 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m sure most of you will have heard in the news this last week or so about the mix up over at HMRC with many of us either overpaying or underpaying our tax.

My story starts approx 7 years ago. In 2003, I separated from my first partner and claimed tax credits as a single person. No problem.

When the time came for renewals, they decided to tell me I owed them just shy of £2000. Slight shock as if they had overpaid me that much, I would have assumed I should have been better off during the payment schedule than I had have been. According to them I received too much money from my employer through the working tax element. I’m not quite sure exactly how much is a decent level to live on as a single working parent, but I wasn’t aware of living a luxurious lifestyle at all.

I complained and was given direction on how to appeal which included a written statement, copies of all my wage slips (which had to be hunted out and wasn’t an easy task). I remember being told that I would hear when a decision was made.

Months went on and I didn’t hear anything. Rightly or wrongly, I forgot about it and carried on my life as normal. Each year at renewal nothing was mentioned, and I just kept thinking that if I was every asked for repayments to be made, then I would deal with it then as I still needed to live.

Fast forward to today and I get a letter from the tax credits.
Further to your letter dated February 2006,…… blah blah…. I am sorry for the delay in replying, blah blah blah.

The outcome is that they have decided that I wasn’t overpaid at all from my employer, and they have sent me a bacs payment of a whole £3 (to an account I no longer use).

As far as they are concerned there is no outstanding amount on my account any longer. (How nice of them!)
Will they ever get it right?


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