The Waiting Game

September 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ll apologise now if this post comes across not making sense, rambled, long, short etc.

My Dad went into hospital this morning for an operation to remove his kidney. Quick background history – he is 81 years old, been a drinker all his life, recently had a polyp removed from his back passage, slightly deaf.

My Mum hasn’t been with him at the pre op assessments, but she was this morning, and whilst we all thought he was having his kidney removed because it’s diseased, she found out it’s because there was a tumor in the tube. That puts a slightly new slant on things, but we still don’t know anything about this tumor, it may be benign (hopefully).

My Mum forgot to ask how long the operation would take, but was told to phone at lunchtime after an 8.15 operation this morning. I kept myelf busy this morning, but since about 2pm I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything. I’ve tried to tidy the house, been food shopping (not sure what I bought), and still no news. I caved in a called my Mum at 3.30pm but she had phoned twice and they hadn’t received any news as of yet so she was phoning back at 4pm.

It’s now nearly 5pm and I am really not sure what to do which is why I’m writing this. I know that no news really is good news in this case, but come on how difficult can it be for one person to relay information for family to be told how he is. I know he may be in recovery etc, but let’s hear how the operation went for goodness sake.

Playing the waiting game.


§ 2 Responses to The Waiting Game

  • i think in this situation every minute seems like an hour and you did the right thing by keeping busy, you and your mum must have been beside yourselves with worry, i do hope your dads on the mend now and getting lots of TLC from you both.

  • Ang says:

    Thanks for the nice comment. He appears to be doing well, I saw him this afternoon and he was arguing with my Mum which is always a good sign 🙂

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